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Outlook Personal Assistant - Email Manager

Outlook Personal Assistant (PA) is the Microsoft Outlook Add-in which acts as your own Personal Assistant to remind you of different actions you may need to take on your emails. You can easily add comments and set reminders to any email message as you read them and you will be reminded on the specified time to prompt you to take the appropriate action. You can also recieve your any appointment reminder to your cell phone or on any other email address. At the same time, Outlook Personal Assistant - Email Manager can automatically reply to that email with your specified comments.

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You can easily add comments to any email in any folder and can either receive those comments in any email address(es) or to your cell phone directly, or you can schedule automatic email reply at specific time. See full description and features of Outlook PA - Email Manager.

Outlook Personal Assistant - Appointments Manager

Appointments are the very important things for a busy person. Missing one appointment could lead to lot of un-recoverable loss. What you do to make sure that you wont miss an appointment just becuase there is no one to remind you?

Even though Microsoft Outlook comes with very good appointment management support, but still there are times when it is not enough. For example, you may want to remind someone else at sometime when you may not in front of your computer. Or even, if there are appointments in your Outlook for you, but you are away. That means, reminding for appointments by Microsoft Outlook is just got wasted since you are not there to "get remind".

Outlook Personal Assistant - Appointments Manager is a Microsoft Outlook Add-On which allows you to deliver your appointments to multiple recipients automatically. All you have to do is to create your appointments, as you nomrally do, and add recipients to it. You also set the reminder option (which is auto selected by default) and when that reminder occures, it will intiate an email to all recipients you selected.

What is that used of me? Why I need to set a reminder if appointments is already giving me a reminder?

As said above, you may not be available in front of your computer to receive reminder or to remind someone else (send email etc) at the time of reminder. So Outlook PA - Appointments Manager will do this for you. Even if you are not in front of your computer, you can schedule a reminder to send an email at specific time to any number of persons. You can also receive your appointments on your cell phone (mobile phone) as discussed below.

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How do I get reminder on my Cell Phone?

Well, Outlook PA - Appointments Manager can be used in several ways. You can not only put reminders, and send emails, but you can also receive reminders on your mobile phone while you are on the road. Most mobile operators support email to SMS option, hence, if your mobile operator supports it, you can ask your mobile operator for email address which can be used for email to SMS for you, and just enter that email address in recipients. All your appointments will be forwarded to your mobile phone. An example of such email to SMS is XXXXXXXXXX@vtext.com where XXXXXXXXXX is the mobile number. So no matter how far you are from your computer, you won't miss any appointment.

Coming Soon: We will be supporting more features in Outlook PA so that even your mobile operator doesn's support Email to SMS option, you can still receive reminders on your cell phone.

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Is Outlook Personal Assistant for Me?

  • Do you have a heavy work load? Do you like to be in control of your life?
  • Do you like to impress?
  • Do you like to have an advantage?
  • Have you even missed a meeting or forgotten to do something asked of you from an email you received weeks ago?
  • Would you like an easier and less stressful life?
  • Would you like a Personal Assistant to take away the worry and burden of all the continual relentless demands and things you have to?
  • Do you want to be notified for your appointments while you are on the road?
  • Do you want to send reminder to someone else automatically on some specific time?
  • Do you want to share your appointment notification with more than one persons?
  • Do you like order?
If the answer is ‘Yes’ to just one of these and you also use email, then Outlook PA is for you. Still thinking? Why not try it for your self by downloading trial version?

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